Source Code Delivery Agreement

Since the ongoing operation and maintenance of custom software is essential for many companies, they usually want to ensure that it continues even if the licensor is unable to do so, for example. B in insolvency. This is the easiest to achieve by getting a copy of the current source code. However, the licensor will often not be willing to give their consent, as the source code is usually one of its most strictly guarded trade secrets. [1] While the term of this Agreement may be unlimited, this Agreement may be terminated immediately in the event of a breach of the terms set forth in this Agreement. The safest way to pass the code depends largely on when and how often you need to transfer. For example, the Blender graphic suite was published in this way after the bankruptcy of Not a Number Technologies; The Qt toolkit is covered by a secure source code trust agreement by the KDE Free Qt Foundation. [19] EscrowTech`s in-house advisor has extensive experience in software licensing and information technology. .