Social Housing Nominations Agreement

Our housing team has experience working for social housing advisory and registration service providers in various areas of housing management, including homelessness and allocation. We work primarily with housing companies that have acquired their portfolios through LSVT as such, which have legal and contractual obligations to support the Council in terms of homelessness and allowance. This appointment agreement requires that any new project (regardless of the number of units) and any transformation that produces three or more units, that have received public grants or are funded by an agreement under Section 106, should give the Commission 100% appointments for first leases and 50% for subsequent leases. “At the request of the local authority and to a reasonable extent in the circumstances, housing companies make part of their park available to local authorities who receive shelter.” (a) ask another relevant housing authority or authority in England, Wales and Scotland to assist in the performance of its duties under this section. , [a private registered social housing provider] of a registered social landlord, cooperates to the extent that, in the current circumstances, it is appropriate to offer housing to persons who have priority under the local authority allocation system.” A housing company should only accept the appointment if it is reasonable. The association`s view is considered reasonable and not by the local authority, see R v Northavon DC ex p Smith (1994) 26 HLR 659. If you would like to know more about this area or if you need help in consulting and reviewing your appointment agreements and policies, please give us a ring. Housing allocation: the responsibility of registered providers to assist local housing authorities, “providers registered in cooperation with the strategic function of local authorities and their obligations to meet identified housing needs, including the implementation of obligations in appointment agreements.” “In areas where local housing needs are reflected in local planning criteria for affordable housing, appointment agreements should provide 50% or more of the actual nullity for appointments (agreed percentages may be much higher in areas where housing is stressed).