Ecommerce Website Development Agreement

BY SIGNING UP FOR THE SERVICES CREATES A CONTRACT BETWEEN CUSTOMER AND COMPANY, CONSISTING OF THE ORDER, THE APPLICABLE SERVICE DESCRIPTION AND THIS AGREEMENT AND YOU ARE AGREEING TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT AND ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE IN THIS AGREEMENT, INCLUDING COMPANY`S USE POLIS. THE USE OF THE SERVICES IS THE ACCEPTANCE OF THIS AGREEMENT. YOUR ACCORD ON THE TERMS HEREOF ALSO ISS YOUR AGREEMENT TO THE USER AGREEMENT AND OTHER “TERMS OF SERVICE” LOCATED AT: Often this part is totally ignored by the development contract. This leads to misunderstandings in the future, so it is best to have written clarity on site support and maintenance. A good contract should have a section covering the maintenance part of the site, even if maintenance services are not part of that Many customers consider that intellectual property will belong to them, but legally, it depends on the agreement you have signed. Very often, we see customers come to us and tell us that they hired a developer earlier and that they did not receive the source code once the project was completed. This time, they want to be doubly sure whether or not ownership of source code, intellectual property and graphics belongs to them. So while you are entering into a new contract with a web development agency, just make sure you get full ownership of the source code and it should be mentioned in the contract. Then you get total control over the future evolution of the application.

You can hire an in-house developer or a new development agency for any future development. At Axis Web Art, we provide the customer with full ownership of source code, intellectual property and graphics. Our contract includes: Klemchuk LLP is a law firm, intellectual property, business firm and international business firm dedicated to the protection of innovation. The company offers tailored legal solutions for sectors such as software, technology, retail, real estate, consumer goods, e-commerce, telecommunications, restaurant, energy, media and professional services. The firm focuses on supporting small and medium-sized businesses that seek long-term and value-creating relationships with a law firm. Learn more about the law and our practice as a local. 4. Availability, downtime and general services. The parties recognize that does not guarantee that a user can access e-commerce services at any time, as the Internet is not controlled by an entity or unit. is not liable to the Customer for the lack of access to e-commerce services or for any potential or actual losses that the Customer may suffer due to your inability to access or use e-commerce services or your customer`s inability to access websites that may be supported or hosted by e-commerce services. provide them with all e-commerce services and software related to these services on a “as it is” basis and does not guarantee that e-commerce services or related software do not present errors, errors or errors or that they work properly. The customer accepts that is not responsible for malfunctions or downtime in e-commerce services or associated software, as well as damage, injury or loss of profit that may result from such a malfunction or loss of time. does not guarantee that the e-commerce services you purchase work flawlessly and error-free with your own hardware, software or other service (including third-party products) that the customer is currently using. does not accept any guarantees regarding the operating time of the system, including, but not only the operating time for hosting your stores on or third-party systems.