Booth Rental Agreement Antique Store

The outstanding rent must be fully paid for their billing cycle up to the specified payment date, or a fine of $25.00 is added to the amount currently due and all current sales in the cabin provided for this purpose will be filled to pay the outstanding and outstanding rent. The $25.00 fine is delegated to store ownership every 10 days after the “Pay By” date and at the end of 30 days of non-payment, the seller`s booth and all content can be sold or auctioned at his discretion, all profits go to Store to cover outstanding debts until the conclusion of the lease agreement. Individual dealer stands can be rented at a rental price of $1.00 per square metre per month. In fact, a 100-square-metre cabin rents for $100.00 a month, and so on. The stands are available in different sizes, but usually the stands are 80, 160, 240 or 320 square meters. Larger and custom sizes will also be available. Revenue for this level (excluding VAT) is added at the end of each billing cycle. The supplier is aware that Store withholds 10% commission on all sales. The total amount of the rental and sales commission is deducted from the total turnover for the current billing cycle, and the resulting cheque/bill can be recovered by the creditor within 5 days of the end of the settlement cycle. A sales report for Lasat`s 30 days is provided, showing all sales bookings based on the date of this creditor, including the descriptions provided and the display of discounts. For all sales that go beyond the rent, a cheque is offered, otherwise an invoice is due. Creditors who have not recovered their invoice/verification within three days of the available invoice date are notified.

Store is committed to providing adequate maintenance, sales support and security for Booth`s content in a clean and user-friendly environment. Store undertakes to take all reasonable steps to protect sale items from theft or damage during the rental period. Store reserves the right to refuse all items offered for sale if they are deemed “inappropriate” at the discretion of the shop. Store is committed to paying all value-added taxes as a branch fee. Store agrees to pay Vendor monthly (30 billing cycles) for all cumulative net sales dollars (less commission and rent payable). The seller undertakes to label each item he offers for sale with the ticket, with the sale, price, seller and brief description of the item for sale included. Ex: #1234/1020 pearl pink necklace. Booth`s number. and description are optional, but are recommended, especially if more than one site/stand applies to that provider.