Water Treatment Services Agreement

One of the stated objectives of the contract is to extend services to low-income and rural areas – there are no details on how to achieve this, whether through the provision of traditional services or stand pipes, etc., although some of the performance standards are an increased provision of services to the hinterland. It may be useful to include a more detailed plan for service delivery in poor areas, applicable service standards, billing procedures in these areas, etc. Both parties undertake to keep confidential non-public information held by the other party, if any, that may be acquired under this agreement. The customer also undertakes not to otherwise test, analyze or re-do the products delivered under this contract without the supplier`s prior written consent. 3. Customers sometimes blame the water treatment or filtration company for the failure of the facility after a change in water use or supply, without mandating the installer or maintenance company. This agreement is not transferable without the agreement signed by both parties No party is liable to the other party if uncontrollable events render it inoperative or economically unsustainable for one of the parties to act in accordance with the terms of this agreement, provided that no case of force majeure is attributable to the obligation of the client to pay for the goods and services it contains. It is not considered unfit for delay if a case of force majeure prevents one of the parties from fulfilling its obligations under this agreement. The following draft model agreement is only a starting point and a simple standard contract; it can be perfectly negotiated between you and your client. Ultimately, it`s up to you and your legal advisors to determine the contractual relationship with your clients and determine what works best for you. However, remember that a written service agreement that defines what you provide and the client`s responsibilities is always the best way to protect yourself from liability.

Your packaging or service contract should always be the first thing you offer if you are willing to take the first payment. 4. Provide a filtration and treatment program to eliminate or control harmful bacteria or harmful chemicals in the water. All user manuals delivered to the customer with supplies or equipment are included in this contract. 1. Allow the service to access the water sampling devices and manage the water treatment program; The customer undertakes not to hold the supplier responsible for the hidden, latent or ongoing damage to the sanitary systems, pipes or structures that are connected to or connect to the appliances or the work of the Servicer. The service is committed to protecting the client`s property during the performance of the water treatment and/or filtration services described here and is committed to maintaining liability insurance coverage and all other appropriate and standard insurance withdrawals required by the client.