Standard Student Tenancy Agreement

2.4 This contract is only considered a lease agreement from the start date of the lease or from the date you pick up your keys if it is earlier and is considered a lease agreement until a date that can be terminated after notification by the lessor if you do not complete your application or if you provide warranty and supporting information. As part of the agreement, some landlords/agents will provide you with a guarantee and ask you to pick up your parents to guarantee your rent. It is very important that such a guarantee specifically limit your parents` financial liability to rent or damage to your son or daughter. Unipol has prepared a model guarantee. Before signing someone, it is important that you and your parents understand that if you are late in rent or the cost of the damage, they are responsible for the payment. 3.3.2 Alternative accommodation is no less standard than your room; and 7.7 If you have entered into this contract as a second lease or subsequent contract and we have agreed to renew your down payment, you agree that your landlord may withhold the down payment of your current lease at the end of the lease and be retained as a booking fee for your booking for the upcoming academic year – your new lease. The booking fee will be the new down payment at the beginning of the new lease and will be protected according to the rules of our rental deposit guarantee system. In the event that you cancel your new booking later, you agree that when you unlock the down payment for the current academic year, this may be withheld by the owner as a cancellation fee and cannot be refunded. 2.4 This agreement is only considered a rental agreement: it is also worth taking your own pictures of premises and taking notes of errors, as well as making a photocopy of the inventory. This serves as additional evidence only if there are claims against you at the end of the lease. One of the most overlooked aspects of a lease is the down payment.

Deposits usually amount to about one month`s rent (sometimes a little more, such as six weeks of value) and are withdrawn before rent, in case of late rent or property damage during your stay. 1.8 If you are under the age of 18, despite the other provisions of this lease, the lessor does not grant you a lease agreement and this lease will instead be considered a contract for the lessor to grant you a lease agreement on the terms set out in that contract within ten working days of receiving a written request from you. While waiting for such a rental contract (the “licence period”), you have the right to occupy the room. This agreement does not function as a loss of space and during the licensing period, each occupation of space is only in the form of a license. It and the lessor must both comply with and fulfil their obligations under the terms and conditions of the lease (to the extent that they are not inconsistent with this clause 1.8, as if a lease had been entered into at the time of the agreement). The lessor has the same rights and remedies with respect to any violation of the obligations imposed on you by the agreements and terms of that lease, as if a lease had been entered into at the time of this agreement.