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Raiser must submit a final report from Raiser. This information is useful for identifying the right adoption for the dog, if the Raiser decides not to take care of. It`s great to see our members kissing virtual meetings to stay in touch with their members and employ girls. We`ve created some practical key points that you should consider while taking online leadership and staying in touch with girls. It is important that we continue to protect all our members, even if we all stay at home. However, we would also like to remind you that members should not feel that they need to take their leadership online; We understand that some of our members are unable to organize virtual meetings, in part because of their role as key workers. ApprovalForms that use digital tools in this way should be treated as an activity outside the unit session, so be sure to get permissions for girls to attend online meetings. You don`t need signed forms for each meeting. one covers all your meetings. These forms have been designed to be filled out remotely, so you don`t need to meet your parents for their signatures and they can be emailed.

Consent forms are available here. You may be aware that this differs from the requirements of the health information form and the consent form. This is because we first updated the coordinates of the house. We will verify and update the health information form and consent form. In the meantime, we have included this requirement in the home contact form to reflect best practices. To comply with confidentiality rules and our privacy policies, it is important that home contacts are only those in girlguiding, as we share confidential and personal information for which we have the consent that Girlguiding can keep them, not third parties. We still have a lot of real estate lost in the Landratsamt, although many objects have already been reunited with their owners. Please contact us if you are missing something: midlands.headoffice@girlguiding-midlands.org.uk. Being a talker at home should not mean that the contact cannot do his usual business. This means that the person agrees to be available for the period of the event (or certain periods and data, if they share with another) to deal with an emergency. We are not able to provide technical advice or help you use specific digital tools. If you have any technical questions, it is best to contact customer service for the tool you are using.

You should not share health information and consent forms with the home contact. PlatformsHere are some platforms and their features will help you choose the methods to choose. Their space must be adapted to young members – a safe space, as they say in Girlguiding. Remember: you can make sure that more than one person is at home during the time you are away, so that a person does not need to be available all the time. If you do, be sure to agree on a timetable so they know who is responsible and when. Solo online management does not include virtual meetings and means that leaders can simply share activities with parents or guardians of girls or directly with young members from 14 years of age and older. Executives usually do so via instant messaging, social media and email. When deciding to accept the puppy they have raised, the Raisers should consider our special placement adoption program. The important decision that will be taken will continue to contribute exponentially to the Guiding Eyes mission.

These dogs often attract attention as ambassadors of Guiding Eyes, as they move around the world in their new role. Since these dogs are observed in the community, others will ask for their beginnings and the history of the drivers` eyes will continue to be told from afar. Some dogs are service dogs