Apartment Lease Agreement Quebec

A landlord wishing to recover a dwelling is required to inform the tenant at least six months before the expiry of the tenancy agreement in the case of a lease term of more than six months; If the term of the lease is less than or equal to six months, one month`s notice is required. (Article 1960, paragraph 1, Civil Code of Quebec) The landlord must pay a three-month rent allowance as well as reasonable moving costs to the displaced tenant. If the tenant believes that the prejudice against him justifies an increase in damages, he can ask the court to determine the amount of compensation. The compensation must be paid at the end of the rental period; moving expenses are payable when coupons are presented (Article 1965 Civil Code of Quebec). Leases are sold in the offices of the Administrative Housing Tribunal, in bookstores and through Quebec publications (1-800-463-2100). The rental form can also be purchased online on the Publications du Québec website. In the case of a stewardship described in section 1955 of the Civil Code of Quebec, the tenant must evacuate the dwelling at the end of the lease if he opposes the proposed amendment. Yes, these rules are part of the lease agreement. The landlord must provide tenants with a copy of these rules before signing the tenancy agreement. These rules often concern things such as the peaceful enjoyment and maintenance of individual units and common spaces. Any communication relating to the lease, with the exception of the notice of an owner to enter the rental unit, must respect these rules: yes, but if the rental agreement authorizes pets or if the lease does not solve this problem at all, pets are allowed in the unit. The tenant should consult the status of the building he rents, as he may have a rule against pets. The statutes are considered part of the tenancy agreement and the lessor is required to give a copy of the statutes to the tenant before the conclusion of the tenancy agreement.

Unfortunately, this is not possible in Quebec. When a tenant signs a rental agreement, he is responsible for the agreement with the landlord. The law requires that a tenant be entitled to a copy of the lease within 10 days of signing (Article 1895 desbgbus de Québec). The sublease is completed until the day the unit`s rent ends; However, the subtenant is not required to evacuate the property until it is informed of the transmission time of the subtenant or, if not, the principal tenant.